Analysis Of Eloka Okanga's On Igbo People

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In Eloka Okanga’s book on Igbo people (a Nigerian tribe) who have migrated, he had the opportunity of interacting with ‘casual sex-workers’ in Antwerp, Belgium. To further their career and ensure protection and stability these women employ the help of gri-gris a native medicine (magic charm). These women use it on other sex workers or on clients. In his first case study, he surveyed the red-light district of Antwerp and stumbled upon a Nigerian prostitute, but she was not working, she was fast asleep. He inquired about it and found out that she could be under a charm from the other woman she was sharing the brothel with. The gri-gris is used to make competitors sleep or fall sick. In his second case study, he was at a casual sex girl’s joint when an older man walked in, demanding to see a black girl. This black girl had manipulated his son into withdrawing all of his money and she could not be found. He claimed his son was not aware of what had happened at this time (278-280). These women use these charms as love potions to lure their clients into marriages and to remain legally in the country (277). These women do not see themselves as prostitutes as they do not allow it to determine their self-identity. They recognize it as a means of earning a living and enhancing one’s life - just like any other job (281). These women are definitely not victims neither are they helpless; they are able to apply their skills for their personal benefits. Furthermore, by focusing…
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