Analysis Of Emily Bronte 's ' Wuthering Heights '

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Lauren Kosydar Professor Simpson English 6 11/29/15 Term Paper Wuthering Heights Title?? The novel I chose for my term paper is Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. This novel was written during the Victorian era but is considered under the genre of Romantic literary works. The Romantic period pushed boundaries and opened up the correlation of intellect and art. This period is also known as a movement as it brought such passion and color to the minds and lives of the everyday people through the domination of imagination and feelings rather than reason and straightforward black and white rules. Some of the elements of Romantic literature include nature as a powerful spiritual influence, the presence of supernatural components, and strong passionate emotions while the Victorian era of literature almost contrasted the ideas and practices of the romantics as it strayed more towards the black and white notion of right and wrong along with the cold struggles the working people faced throughout England. Although Brontë wrote the novel in 1847 which is considered to be within the Victorian era, she used more elements within her novel that connect to the Romantic era like nature being portrayed as a strong spiritual force and this is why Wuthering Heights can also be considered a link between both time periods. I chose this novel because the Gothic genre that it holds drew my interest into the story. Wuthering Heights takes place in England on the Yorkshire moors in the 1700s.
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