Analysis Of Emily Bronte 's ' Wuthering Heights ' And ' Frankenstein '

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Makaylah McCurry
English 4 Honors
Mr. Tindal
March 4, 2015
Two Stories, One Hunger: Revenge. In both Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, suffering and love cause horrific events to occur. By observing the personality, life, and actions of the Creature and Heathcliff, there is a revealing of a great similarity. Due to these items, each are categorized as the Byronic hero, which is the center of the similarity, along with love. Each character has an unknown identity. Heathcliff is brought in as an orphan child from Liverpool. No one knows his first name, last name, age, birthday, or parents. On page 36 of Wuthering Heights, it says, “Not a soul knew to whom it belonged…he would not leave it as he found it”, talking about Heathcliff. As the story goes on, Heathcliff is not a liked individual, but neither is the Creature of Frankenstein. The Creature comes to be from random materials obtained by Victor Frankenstein. He is never given a name, and is generally unlikeable due to his appearance. Both characters frighten the world and are under the society level of the people surrounding them. Their unknown origin causes them to not be taken in as family as easily. Heathcliff, and the Creature are two intelligent characters. Heathcliff leaves, but returns wealthy hoping to better his chances with Catherine, his love. Also, he plots ways to gain power over the Lintons and the Earnshaws. The Creature learns about life through observing others. He

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