Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's ' Misty Wall '

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Ashley Vargas
Misty Wall
ENG 231
April 30, 2015
Emily Dickinson: Love Emily Dickinson lived a very solitary life. Though countless of her poems involved a topic of love. How did she cover the theme of love while living in her own world? Well, she goes about this in different types of poetry such as spiritual communication, using the combination of love and sex, and the separation of lovers ("Emily Dickinson."). Dickinson lived in total physical isolation from the outside world but it was stated that she did have a few people that had an impact on her life. One of them was actually speculated apparent in her poems. In the year of 1855, she journeyed to Philadelphia with her father and that is where she met her “fate”, according to her best friend Susan Gilbert. She met a Presbyterian minister named Charles Wadsworth, she would go to him to talk about life and religion. Many professors have inquired that he was the reason for many of her writings ("Emily Dickinson - Biography."). According to some critics, after Wadsworth left after visiting Dickinson, she felt very heartbroken. Many state that Wadsworth held a very special place in Dickinson’s heart, and soon the heartsickness she felt became a topic in her poetry. In her poem 303, Dickinson said that “The Soul Selects her on Society—/Then—shuts the Door—/Then—close the Valves of her attention—/Like Stone—” (Lauter, Paul, and Bruce-Novoa). She uses this to support her faith. This line—The Soul Selects Her Own Society—refers

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