Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's Writing

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Words hold immense power. They are more than just vibrations of the throat and symbols crashed together in a hope that another person will be able to understand their meaning. They form a bond with their audience on an unconscious level that can affect them individually as well as collectively. Anne Curzan, author of How English Works, wrote, “Words have the power to hurt and heal, inform and misinform, reveal and hide” (5). Writers are among those that truly comprehend the power within words and use that knowledge to their benefit. They also understand that the systemically structured aspects of the language go hand in hand with the actual wording to create the desired message. Images, messages, and the creation of worlds depend on the…show more content…
Her vernacular may have not been as large as other poets of her time, but she made up for it is variety. William Howard, author of, Emily Dickinson 's Poetic Vocabulary, wrote, “But as far as the words that compose her poetic vocabulary are concerned, they were taken from the living language of her time, the language of the scholar and of the businessman, of the housewife and of the lawyer, of the poet and of the journalist” (248). She did not allow the contrived boundaries of class, education, and gender hinder her ability to express her views if only in privacy of her own creations. She used simple words, those of common housewife, and couple them with words only understood after some education, creating a constant pendulum of understanding and shifting perceptions to be notated. Dickinson’s poem, ‘A Clock stopped’, while a poem about death, a common theme in Dickinson’s repertoire, reveals a complexity with the presented language that reaffirms the idea that her poetry was not written to entertain the masses, but rather to indulge her own ponderings. “It will not stir for Doctor’s- This Pendulum of snow- The Shopman importunes it- While cool- concernless No-” (1669). It is here that a mixture of everyday utterances is coupled with a more advance expression creating an unusual testament to the visuals being created. Death had claimed
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