Analysis Of Emily Dickinson's My Life Had Stood-A Loaded Gun

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In Emily Dickinson, “My Life had stood - A Loaded gun”, we as the reader see how a female protagonist stand’s up for herself in defense of the male antagonist. However, in two contrasting literary theory’s we see a difference of opinion. The first literary theory is by Sarah Ahmed and the theory is displayed in her writing called, Living a Feminist Life. Throughout her work she displays the importance for feminism in todays world and how one should separate themselves if necessary. The second work that we have is by Donna Haraway called A Cyborg Manifesto, the main idea throughout the work is contrasting with Ahmed in the importance for unification. The unification the Haraway uses is by explaining cyborgs and how humans would react with them, but more importantly how unification of humans and machines effects us. Throughout the essay Haraway and Ahmed’s theory’s will be explained and the differences shown. In Dickinson's novel the first stanza shows how the woman is being passed by without having any voice, it specifically states, “My Life had stood - a Loaded Gun - In Corners - till a Day The Owner passed - identified -And carried Me away”. In the first stanza it is clear how the woman is referring to herself as a gun that is of no use to her “owner”. The owner is presumably a man and has minimal use for her as someone would for a gun. With that being said a gun is a weapon built with an immense power and it is ofter overlooked how powerful it is. The same goes for
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