Analysis Of Ender's Game By Orson Scott Card

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Case Overview
In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, we are introduced to Ender’s family and Ender’s early life at school and with his family . We immediately see conflict emerging in both of these settings. Ender has difficulty at school after his monitor is removed and is forced to deal with a bully, the results of this encounter lead to life changing circumstances for himself, his family and ultimately the world. These life changing circumstances will impact his family and take him, and those same family members, on an epic journey of transformation. This transformation will include an introduction to Colonel Graff, Anderson, and many more as he makes his way into the launch school and progresses up the ranks of the command school. He will forge relationships with many other children such as Petra, Alai and Bean and these relationships will lead Ender to his “chosen” life and ultimately his purpose. As Ender progresses through the ranks we will see transformation among the children, the leaders, and the world as it is presented to us.
Case Objectives As we move through the story of Ender’s Game we will be presented with many ethical questions in relation to the use of children to defend the world, the roles played by the leaders and the followers in the training school and ultimately the war. We will analyze leadership practices used by the battle command as well as the situational leaders we meet along the way. Does the end justify the means? The adults knew they…
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