Analysis Of Engaging The Client / Developing And Maintaining Therapeutic Alliance

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Engaging the client/developing and maintaining therapeutic alliance The therapeutic alliance also known as a therapeutic relationship is about how I as a clinician/therapist connects, behave and engage with a client and also how a client relates to the therapist (Harely Therapy, 2016). This relationship is collaborative. I remember going into the first session nervous and incompetent. In our first meeting, Sarah asked me, you are just a student and how can you help her. I remember telling her, I am being trained at university and also, I am working under the supervision of J*. I let her know that I will be transparent about things I don't know, and I will come back with answers in the next session or sessions. As Sarah shared her fears of…show more content…
She said yes, and I asked Sarah if she will feel better if Jakki apologies and make her a nice cup of tea? She said she would like it and it will make her feel better. In the next session, I met with Jakki and asked her how she felt when her mother accused her of not keeping her commitments. Jakki stated, she was annoyed and irritated and said her mother was exaggerating a little too much. I also have a feeling that I might have made my client Jakki feel doubt her capability of looking after herself when she goes to university because I would often talk about the importance of having some life skills in our toolbox. Potential barriers Some of the barriers I have encountered in the session are – (1) Sarah’s resistance to change. Sarah comes to the session with the idea that my daughter has a problem and you have to fix it. In an individual session, I have tried to explore her upbringing to see if there were any similarities between her childhood and how her daughter is. Sarah stated that she grew up in a big family and she did not have to do household chores, but here in Canada, she has to do everything by herself. So, when I suggested that she needs to remain positive and reward, Jakki for doing household work, she told me, “I have been doing all these years, and now you want me to reward her for doing her 'own' dishes.” Told her, “I agree with you, but today, I am looking from the

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