Analysis Of English Narrative: Absinthe

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English Narrative

The flashlight of luminescence radiated from the moon, a striking difference from the roaring and rumbling of the twilight darkness. Skyler’s weeping face snapped down and collided with the cold cement ground, but her uncontrollable sobs continued. Her only pain attacked her worn out heart. Lizzy sat quietly, the agonizing and unsteady gaze in her muddy brown eyes, her only source of emotion. She shakily indented an uneven heart shape on the stone around the scrawny engravings, “beloved father.” Skyler had finally managed to lift her buried face to look at her sister, the watergy grass numbing her uncovered legs. “I can’t keep living this horror story anymore.”

Casting a defiant glare to the shadowy fortress reigning
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Once, and long ago, a beautiful, kindred girl, Absinthe, lived all her days happily. But the day the men returned from war, Absinthe found no loving father to run into the arms of. She didn't think much of it. Maybe the king had returned to the palace already and wanted to surprise the awaiting princess. But searching everywhere, she found nothing of the sort. She studied all the other people, laughing, eyes twinkling with joy and relief to even be alive. Only then did the horrible unbelieving truth of it all dawn on Absinthe, the moment that changed her forever. Throat tightened, her tears threatening to be let down, Absinthe marched over resiliently to another citizen in a commanding manner, even with the pain that slowly ate away at her soul. She had to be brave, just like her father. With only three strides, she bellowed harshly to one of the soldiers, "Bow to me! I am your queen…show more content…
But as one by one, the young, the old, everyone went on, throwing down their shovels, that candlelight returned. There was a new determined passion that day, and no one, not even the queen herself could stop it. But how to do it was a different matter.

“All we know about the queen is that her powers can only be taken by blood, or genetically. To do that, we would need to hurt, or even kill the queen! And what good would that do, if we don’t want to be like her, killing everyone?,” an elderly woman suggested, the citizens’ hope wavering.

“Or we could use the sword that killed the former king, by blood he was killed, by blood we can defeat the queen,” a younger man spoke up, his hands massaging his temples.

“But we don’t know where it is, only that the queen has control of it,” Skyler responded.

“To get to where the sword is, we would need a portal,” Lizzy joined the discussion. Then realizing what she’d discovered, her enthusiasm became greater and greater. “And a portal needs magic, and magic is what the queen uses to make her potions. The strongest magic in the world, love, would work! So, if we use a love potion to make a portal, we can get the sword, and overcome the queen!,” Lizzy explaining
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