Analysis Of Enrique 's Journey And Journalist For La Times

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Before reading Enrique’s Journey I only knew 3 things about those who immigrated to the US. One, the majority were Mexican families. Two, they only migrate to the US, because they are poor and there are more job opportunities with better pay. Three, they got to the US by being smuggled in a van over the Border. All these things listed are true to an extent, but on a much deeper level. Sonia Nazario, author of Enrique 's Journey and journalist for LA times, has opened my eyes with Enrique 's Journey. Enrique is a young Honduran boy making his seventh attempt to America to reconnect with his mother after 11 years. Many unaccompanied children go on the same quest to America as Enrique to escape gang violence or to find a job to support their families. On this journey children ride on top of train cars, encounter gangs and corrupt officers, witnessed many acts of violence and death, and do their best to blend in and not get caught by officers who will deport them back from where they came. I learned immigration is frowned upon in the US and many agree with presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “build a wall” campaign to block out anyone coming in from Central America. I believe the majority of those who agree with his campaign only believe the stereotypes about immigrants. If those who supported Mr.Trump 's campaign knew the true struggles of immigrants lives and what sacrifices they made and the serious danger they put themselves in to get to America I strongly believe everyone
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