Analysis Of Enter Without Such As Knocking By Bruce Dawe

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The arrival of the new child is a fundamental change to the lives of the entire family, but his departure is tantamount to the execution of the heart. The upheaval of life is immeasurable. Everyone will test the end, but each one will die in a different way. Bruce Dawe constructed his opinion about life and death through his poems “Enter Without Such as Knocking” and “Homecoming” to show that the life is too short, and it forces every single one to live under its harsh conditions until the last breath. In his poems, Dawe describes social issues in the life cycle that affect several people. In “Entering Without Such as Knocking," Dawe describes the death of a selfish man who optimistic about losing himself and his family for money. In "Homecoming," Dawe characterized the death of young soldiers who sacrificed themselves without fearing the death. Ultimately, in both poems, death is the fact that any machine will eventually fail. In today’s society, people try to materialistic matters just to please their ego, however, at the end, every single person will end up the same way. The world leads to conformity, and it takes away the individuality of people. The poem “Enter Without Such as Knocking” roughly represented the person's life cycle of life starting at birth up until death. In “Enter Without Such as Knocking” Dawe explores onomatopoeia in “Blink, Blink” to explain in what conditions the pregnant woman arrived at the hospital. Dawe wrote those words at the beginning of his

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