Analysis Of Equality By Default

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Equality by default is an idea that has been ever present throughout philosophy. Though its name may not be the same from philosopher to philosopher, its philosophical ideals are relatively similar. Equality by default is the idea that no single act or choice is more right or wrong than another. All men are equal by nature and oneself cannot be considered better than another. Equality by default teaches that all acts, all thoughts, and all opinions are equal because it is impossible to be unequal. Ancient philosopher Plato and modern author Phillippe Beneton share a very similar opinions when it comes to equality by default.
It is important to understand that both Philippe Beneton and Plato are against the equality by default mindset and find it to be unproductive and self-inflicting. Beneton’s book Equality by Default shows how equality by default results in the deterioration of the good. This occurs because the good is separate from the way that you should live. This separation occurs because the good is arbitrary and all actions are considered equal. The good and the “not good” are different and must be considered so. Equality by default eliminates the need to even acknowledge differences because “we are alike because we are different, and no difference is worth more than another.” (Beneton, 15) These differences are what make us human and are necessary to live humanly. If no human activity is better than another, then the good is eliminated and “living humanly no
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