Analysis Of Eric Katz 's ' Nazi Engineers '

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Look around you, anything from the chair that you are sitting on to the phone in your pocket existed thanks to an engineer. We currently live in a world sculpted by the work of technologic professionals. As the significance of the choices made by engineers increases, it has become more and more important to ensure that these choices are ethically correct.Through analysis of Eric Katz’s Nazi Engineers, it is clear that societies ethics ultimately determine the direction in which society moves. Katz writes this essay with the purpose to educate his students about Nazi ethics so that they can avoid the moral reasoning used by the Nazi’s. In order to articulate the reasoning of the Nazi’s, Katz uses three main ethical ideologies used in the Nazi society; Technological Neutrality, Doubling, and Integration and Ideology in engineering. Technological neutrality embodies the more traditional view on technological ethics in which “the design and creation of a technological artifact must be separate from its use”[1]. This allowed the technological professionals in the Nazi community to justify their actions by declaring that they were only responsible for the technological aspect of their creations and not the applications. On the other hand the concept of doubling does not require justification as it embodies the ideology that professionals within the Nazi Society apply a, “Division of self into two functioning wholes,” each with their “own criteria for good.”[2] This allowed the

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