Analysis Of Ernest Hemingway's ' Hemingway '

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1. “Well, I knew I would not be killed. Not in this war. It did not have anything to do with me. It seemed no more dangerous to me myself than war in movies... I wished to god it was over though. Maybe it would finish this summer though” (Hemingway 37). Hemingway often uses stream of consciousness like in this example to show how the mind works in rapid progression especially when under stress and pressure. In the more common writing style of the time there was no thought process like the one’s Hemingway uses, and without these the reader cannot look into the characters mind. This is necessary for a book about war especially because not all of the true feeling Frederic has are displayed to the public eye because he is meant to be follow societies standards of being proud of his part of the war and to convey that to others around him. Hemingway’s writing in the novel also shows Frederic becoming less hopeful about the war in a gradual way the reader had to at first read into the stream of consciousness for. Frederic’s thoughts also start off in short statements that develop into longer streams of thought. The shorter sentences represent his more present in the situation self while the longer sentence represents him losing his presence to his mind. His shorter sentences and simpler vocabulary also help the emotions in his writing to be expressed by thought process instead of long drawn out detail. It also allows for omission of detail to be formed so that the reader has to
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