Analysis Of Eva Bradbury's ' Eva An 89 Year Old Widow '

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Eva an 89 year old widow, was introduced to me through a collogue. I met Eva at her apartment, which was part of an assisted living community. Eva is of European decent and identifies herself as an active and proud member of the Lutheran Church. Eva lives alone and is reportedly able to attend to all of her activities of daily living. When I met with Eva I was mindful of the ecological model of Systems Theory. I sought to understand Eva through the complex interactions of behavior, biology and environment that had occurred over the last nine decades. Eva answers the door and invites me in. I follow her to the kitchen where we sit at the kitchen table. She insists on pouring me a cup of her favorite tea. The steam from the kettle is screaming, “I’m ready!” Eva is able to navigate her cozy kitchen by supporting her balance chair to counter to stove, stove to chair to tea cup. The tremor that was apparent as she scooped the loose tea into the pot, gives way to the steadiness needed to poor the boiling water. She returns the kettle to the stove and tells me we are three minutes away from the perfect cup of Earl Gray. Eva tells me about the day she was introduced to the Light of Day Tea Company and their Earl Gray tea. She describes the robust flavor and creamy aftertaste. She tells how it took 89 years for her to find the perfect cup of tea; tea worthy of occupying her cup every afternoon. I find myself in awe of how elaborately detailed Eva’s process of tea making is.…

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