Analysis Of Evelina And Girlfriends

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“Evelina” and “Girlfriends”
The character Evelina in the “Frances Burney excerpt” as well as the characters of the show “Girlfriends” share similar themes like female reputation, snobbery, and marriage but Evelina and the show “Girlfriends” all has one thing in common they learn that in society women have little value. In the show “Girlfriends” the women are morally unfit due to the social status within society. Evelina is accepted by society because of how she acts in public and within her society. Evelina demonstrates a woman of intellectual, emotional, and awareness of how a woman supposed to act in public. In the show “Girlfriends” Joan is interested in finding the right man but will not bend over backwards for a man; Maya have
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Villars, which is not an environment she was accustomed too, and this is why Evelina told Mr. Villars, “I hope you will not think me an encroacher; Lady Howard insists upon my writing!” and when Evelina states, “I cannot, for my life, resist wishing for the pleasures they offer me.” She loves being around elegant people and going to high-class places. In the show “Girlfriends” the character Toni displays the snobbery theme. She grew up in a poor family on a farm with an alcoholic mother, but she still considers herself high class and upscale because she is a successful real estate agent. During season 3, episode 22 Toni is despised by her family because she thinks that they are lower class and will embarrass her in front of Todd’s family. Toni refuses to include her sister in her wedding because of how her sister dresses and how she looks. The last theme, “Evelina” and the show “Girlfriends” displays is marriage. Evelina was a woman who loved the entertainment, the sights of London, and to socialize with people. She always stayed away from rude and foolish men. She did not want their ways to reflect on her reputation. In the excerpt, Evelina dances with Lord Orville because she likes his appearance, and he is a respectful man towards her. At the end, Evelina and Lord Orville gets married. In show “Girlfriends” the women all ends up marrying except for the character Lynn. Joan marries a

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