Analysis Of Everett Zhang 's Impotence Epidemic

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Impotence and Seafaring Understanding global economic forces in the production of a perceived “masculinity crisis” sheds important light on the ways in which contemporary Chinese men seeking treatment for impotence and Filipino seafarers construct themselves as modern masculine subjects. As their respective economies become more globalized, the modern perception of masculinity changes for both the Chinese men and Filipino seafarers. Through his book Impotence Epidemic, Everett Zhang shows how global economic factors change men’s perception on being modern. First, this is shown through Chinese men seeking a cure for impotence through the drug Viagra, which has been pushed out via the global market. Viagra also creates a sense of modern masculinities for men who take Viagra and traditional remedies. Secondly, Zhang shows that with a more global economic market in China, as well as the newly renovated capitalistic system, perceptions of impotence are evolving. Capitalism has changed men’s views on impotence, but has increased impotence rates as well. Next, in Filipino Crosscurrents, Kale Fajardo shows how Filipino seafarers working in the context of a globalized economy have shaped their views on masculinity and modernity. First, time-space compression in contemporary society has shaped how men perceive themselves as modern. Second, the way men have to suppress their masculinity while working on international ships despite being considered masculine and heroic back home,

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