Analysis Of `` Everyday Use `` By Alice Walker

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Jacques Derrida had once said that culture is something in which "everything is arranged so that it is this way." I believe that culture is the opposite as it creates the way in which you perceive external forces rather then it being the external forces arranged in a specific way. Culture therefore allows one to become informed about foreign cultures to which one is then to perceive the culture a specific way. Culture is the multitude of many factors in which it consistently informs one 's perception of the world surrounding them as well as the individuals.
For instance, in Alice Walker 's "Everyday Use," two sisters, Maggie and Dee, lived together with their mother. In the story, the mother sends Dee away ,"to send her Augusta to school. Afterwards, the mother explained that ,"she used to read to us without pity, forcing words, lies, other folk 's habits" and that Dee had "burned us with knowledge we did not necessarily need to know." The importance the first quotes helps define the shift in environment, this shift has allotted Dee to assimilate and inherit different values in the city then what she would have valued on the house with Maggie and the mother. The quotes afterward help explain the values Dee has assimilated into her culture and the quotes show the response to the values from the mothers perspective. Dee has found a use for knowledge and reading in the city, a value Maggie and specifically the mother finds no need for, and due to the mother 's heritage of
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