Analysis Of ' Everyday Use '

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TITLEEEEEEE “Everyday Use,” centers on the mothers attitude and realization about her two daughters, Dee and Maggie. The two daughters have different outlooks on their heritage. The outlooks the two daughters have become troubling situation in the short story. Dee comes home from college, and rummages through her mother’s things looking for décor for her apartment. Dee finds two quilts and asks to take them home with her to hang them on her apartment walls. The mother denies Dee’s request and instead offers to give Maggie the quilts because she will put them to “everyday use” instead of using them for just wall décor. Dee is furious and tells her mother and Maggie that they do not understand their heritage. Although, some would say that Dee’s intentions were genuine, it is evident that the interpretation in the story signifies that her desires were materialistic and insincere. The quilts play a big deal in the short story because they are sewed together from past family members clothing. A main theme of the story is how things are used on an everyday basis. The two daughters have a disagreement about how the quilts should be used. Dee who is a successful college student thinks that the hand stitched quilts should be used to display her African-American heritage as wall hangings. To Dee, the quilts would represent an ethnic or historical idea. The author lets the reader question Dee’s genuineness. Dee was offered the quilts before she went away for college but rejected…
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