Analysis Of Existing Sherwin-Williams Performance Program.

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Analysis of Existing Sherwin-Williams Performance Program
In order for an organization to achieve long term success, it must consistently evaluate those plans and consider all of the organization’s entities and how they link together. By appraising the existing performance management process, it forces deeper analysis of the process, as well as its intended and unintended influences towards employees and the organization.
Program Advantages
This process is designed with the intent to identify, encourage, measure, evaluate, improve, and reward employee performance.
Improved Performance. By having an identified process in place, the organization is attempting to create alignment of individual goals with that of the department and
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It is transparent and easily explainable.
Recruitment and Selection. This performance management process, when done correctly will address the readiness of an employee for promotion. Through this process it addresses objective and competency assessments, it is a resource that can be used for the selection of the most qualified candidate for a particular role.
Program Concerns
If it is not done correctly, this performance management process could have a negative impact on the immediate performance of individuals and indirectly the organization. This could be because of multiple possibilities.
Manager’s Lack of Knowledge and Training. A manager’s lack of knowledge about performance management process may negatively impact this process. There is neither formal nor informal training on properly executing our Performance Management process. For example, without training managers may lack understanding in setting performance goals. In addition, managers may not be able to distinguish between responsibilities that the subordinate has control over and responsibilities the subordinate does not have control over; therefore, there is not significant correlation between goals and desired result. The manager may use this process and its evaluation function reprimand performance, rather than development. Also, lack of knowledge about how each step is interconnected the process may eliminate meaningful
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