Analysis Of Eye In The Sky

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The film, “Eye in the Sky”, sets in Nairobi, Kenya, a small community where there are guards equipped with weapons. The film starts off with a father repairing his daughter’s hula hoop while the mother is baking bread in her kitchen. With Paul Collier’s three stages of poverty, the community the family lives in can be characterized as “The Poor”, due to lack of entertainment and cultural goods. The daughter, Alia Mo’Allim, has nothing to play with except her hula hoop. Alia and her family have access to food, water, and shelter.
Colonel Katherine Powell, who works for British Army, wakes up and discovers that the group, Al-Shabaab, killed an undercover agent working for the British and Kenyan intelligence services in Nairobi. In Las Vegas, Nevada, Lieutenant Steve Watts and Carrie Gershon are given a mission to fly a joint operation over Nairobi, Kenya. The mission they are given is code name Operation Egret. Lieutenant Steve Watts and Carrie Gershon are to be the eye of the sky of capturing key members of Al-Shabaab. Colonel Powell has many motivates for allowing the drone attacks. However, there are dilemmas that are debated by the COBRA (Cabinet Office Briefing Room) Team. Not only that, the pilots that initiate the strike of the drones have the most difficult job of the mission.
In the movie, Colonel Powell chooses to use the Reaper drone as a source of attack because it has the ability to loiter in the sky before the attack is confirmed. As long as she has a positive
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