Analysis Of Eyewitness By Mrs. Mcbain

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Task 1
Mrs Woodholme’s Retirement

Three former students of Mrs Woodholme’s wanted to send her a text telling her what she meant to them, and to congratulate her on her retirement. The contrasts between the two first texts are severe, as the first one does not contain a single vocabulary word, and only half the words are spelled correctly. In comparison, the second text contains a rich and advanced vocabulary, and no misspelled words. While text 1 and 2 are both extremes on each end of a pole, text 3 is a more sensible and understandable type of text according to the setting.
One of the problems with the first text, is that it contains too many abbreviations. Shortening words like just and want to, to “Jst wanna” is unprofessional and makes
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The short story starts with two police officers, debating whether or not they should bring the stubborn witness, Mr Struthers, directly to the lieutenant as he requested, or if they should try and talk to him themselves. The witness reluctantly complies at the end, admitting that he was too nervous to speak to anyone other than the lieutenant.
Mr Struthers describes the brutal murder of Mrs Anderson, and explains that he and the killer came face to face. He eventually agrees to identify the killer of Mrs Anderson through a line-up of suspects, but only if he is not visible to the killer, saying “if he sees me, it’s all off. I won’t go through with it if he can see me.”. At the end, he comes face to face with lieutenant Anderson, and in a panic, Mr Struthers suspiciously changes his mind and calls the whole thing off.
According to Edgar Allan Poe’s definition of a short story, it should be short enough to read in one sitting. Eyewitness fits this description quite perfectly, as it is only two pages long, but still manages to be an entertaining, and otherwise, complex story. It gave us everything a story should have, like an introduction to the story and an interesting plotline, while remaining short enough to be read in one
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