Analysis Of ' F. Scott Fitzgerald 's ' Babylon Revisited '

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In Babylon Revisited, F. Scott Fitzgerald introduces the reader to a character by the name of Charlie Wales. The reader learns that Charlie is a recovering alcoholic hoping to reestablish a relationship with his daughter, Honoria. Fitzgerald shows evolvement through the character of Charlie Wales. When readers are first introduced to Charlie, he is on his way to visit his daughter. Honoria has been living with her Aunt Marion and Uncle Lincoln after the death of Helen, Honoria’s mother and Charlie’s wife, as well as Charlie being committed to a sanitarium. Charlie was at a crossroad in his life; he had already lost his wife and his daughter and he was forced to make a major decision in his life. While Charlie is visiting Honoria, she mentions wanting to live with him. He decides to talk to Marion and Lincoln; Lincoln seems to be receptive of him taking on a larger role in his daughter’s life. However, Marion is not so acceptant. Marion believes Charlie to be partially responsible for her sister’s death and questions his drinking. Charlie mentions Helen’s death was due to heart trouble and he hasn’t “had more than a drink a day for over a year, and I take that drink deliberately, so that the idea of alcohol won’t get too big in my imagination (Fitzgerald 682).” Just as in life today people are faced with tough decisions that could greatly impact their lives, Charlie is faced with tough choices that could not only hinder his chances of getting his daughter back but once again
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