Analysis Of F. Scott Fitzgerald 's ' The Roaring Twenties '

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F. Scott Fitzgerald—“one of the most celebrated writers of all times”. (Mini Bio)Through his novels or short stories, he was able to reveal the secrets of himself that carried out his destiny. The “Roaring Twenties” were surrounded by luxurious lifestyles that a small town boy could only dream of. Fitzgerald recognized this and craved that lifestyle and when he came upon it, he realized it was not all that he had dreamed it would be, for wealth was not the problem solver. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in a family of a failed business man which caused many moves between Buffalo and Syracuse. (Brucker) After the loss of his father’s job, they were left to move back to St. Paul, Minnesota and live from his mother’s inheritance. ( F Scott Fitzgerald grew as a very intellectual young boy who published a detective story in his school’s newspaper as a teenager. ( He was encouraged by his parents, along with educators to continue pursuing a writing career. His dedication of writing soon harmed him when he was put on academic probation as his school work was put aside. He then decided to enroll in the military despite his fears of dying without living his dreams. Upon being commissioned Fitzgerald met a crazed young woman named Zelda, who represents the basis of the desires of the world. Her greed of wealth, fun, and extravagance soon took a toll upon F. Scott. He became lazy with his writing and instead of devoting himself to novels, he quickly put
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