Analysis Of Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Thematic Essay on Fahrenheit 451
Imagine a world where your family connections have been replaced by a television screen. Everything you know is only what you have been told by others so that you have no opinion of your own. And if you dare start thinking for yourself, the consequences are dire. This situation seems unrealistic, but in Ray Bradbury 's futuristic novel Fahrenheit 451, this is the way the world works. Bradbury creates a society filled with ignorance where even in the midst of all the worldly pleasures and material things, the average person still isn 't content. The story follows fireman Guy Montag, who is originally blinded by the excepted thought that books contain nothing but controversy and useless information. Throughout the novel, his various experiences and acquaintances open his eyes and help him realize that there is more to the world than the latest technology and entertainment and that books help us understand the world through so many different perspectives. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury uses character encounters, development, and symbolism to convey to readers that books are vital to independent thought and perceiving the realities of the world. In the story, the main character, Guy Montag 's, encounters with various people help him realize that books initiate free thinking and reveal many things about real life. When Guy is walking back from work one night, he meets his neighbor, Clarisse McClellan. While talking with her, she tells…
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