Analysis Of ' Fallen Angels ' By Walter Dean Myers

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Emilio Aranda
Mrs. Grandbois
English II
11, May 2016
“Fallen Angels” Book Analysis

The book I have read and truly enjoyed is a great fictional novel because the author tells a true story in a fictitious manner to make the story more interesting to any reader. The title of the story is “Fallen Angels” by Walter Dean Myers and it’s a story about his brother’s experience in the vietnam war. The book Fallen Angels shows the horrific reality of war. My second claim is that war takes out any sense of adolescence in a boy and turns them into cold hearted men who are being forced to kill with no feelings towards taking another human being’s life in order to survive. My claims are relevant to the world because it shows how they would let young boys enlist in the army just to go out there and become another casualty on the battlefield. Fiction novels should be a part of High School curriculum because fictitious books can keep young High School teens interested in less interesting subjects like history and war. In the book “Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers, it shows the horrific reality of war and it clearly depicts the soldiers experiences while fighting in the war. For example the book takes place during the Vietnam War and the reality of that war was that “there were over 2 million wounded soldiers in total by the end of the war”, according to On top of that all the sounds of war deeply affected the soldiers so badly to the point where even if they survived…
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