Analysis Of ' Falling Down '

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Falling Down
By: Logan Hilliard, Garrett Walker, Keren Torres

Once upon a time, in a land far away a french fry named Garrett was taking a stroll. He was going to meet up with his mishandled chicken tender named Keren.You see that’s when everything went downhill. I was headed to Kerens chicken tender box otherwise known as her house. I 'm a chicken nugget that can get chickened out sometimes. My friend Garrett the french fry was over too. You see, all this sudden we are falling out of the sky. We fall into an ugly orange carpet at a 1970 Beverly Hill mansion. It was like a one second drop it felt like a puffy cloud.
Garrett said “What the heck was that?”
“HOLY CRAP I THINK I 'M DEAD!” I screamed in my
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Karen asked being nice again “what is your name?”
“My name is Alexander egg head.” He replied, His voice sounds like his nose is plugged. You see we don 't think he is just a regular guy, he is an egghead they are probably smarter than Garrett. He worked in the art of running from danger. He was such a scaredy cat, but not any type scaredy cat. He was so fearful he afraid of his own shadow. And to add to that he’s very small and fragile. We started to walk again and it started to rain and Karen and her wondrous self had to ask the question, “why is it raining in a carpet?”
I replied “I have no clue why this happening.”
Well we get under cover and decided to find a round chip crumb, for some food and get some water. So we look at the water, Garrett asks “Why 's that water, brown?’’ He asked many times I consider to freak me out. The water was fizzling a lot so Garrett went over and tried it, he found out that it was Coke.
I was scared half to death along with Alexander, I ask “What is going on?”
“I have no clue, I am so confused.” Karen replies sarcastically. We start to see the light again and that 's when it hits us. Alexander wasn 't trying to get out, he was trying to keep things in.
He first tried it stop and say he was tired, we need to stop and eat and other things like that.We of course did not listen to him because we just wanted to get out of there. He tried to faint and pass out one time and another time he tried to run the other way. I just ran at him and
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