Analysis Of ' Fashion Faux Pas '

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Fashion Faux Pas The rhythmic sound of Clanking in the background as people weave from one place to another trying to make sure everything is perfect by show time. Men on ladders hang lights as sound guys try and set up around them. From the outside it appears to be chaos but in reality it is a hive mind of worker ants trying hard to make sure everything is done in time. Many people don’t stop to think about what goes into a fashion show. Most of the time we just think of the end product with a bunch of models somehow pulling off weird hair and makeup strolling down a runway with some lights and music. In reality it takes months of planning, sewing, and booking to make it a reality. I myself did not fully understand the scope of it until I myself planed my own show. It was a cool October morning as me and a few of my friends I hired to be assistants for the day loaded up months of tireless work into a few cars. It is surprising when you look at it all packed up, what feels like tons of sleepless nights and hundreds of dollars in cloth all fit into two four door sedans. We headed off on our long journey from Riverside to Costa Mesa California. When we arrived I had to find my way through a maze of people busy setting up stages and what not tell I finally found the owner of the venue so I could ask where I could start the long tedious task of prepping clothing and models. We unloaded everything and got to work Frist step is every outfit has to be organized by model. Then
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