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In the passage from Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai, Arun, a foreign exchange student from India, much to his disdain, joins the mother and daughter of his host family, Melanie and Mrs. Patton, on a day to the beach. The complicated and warped experience that Arun faces on the day trip is characterized by the literary tools used by Anita Desai, such as diction, syntax, and rich descriptions.
From the opening paragraph of the passage, Arun’s uneager disposition is shown, when he is displayed trying to avoid of the day’s plans. However, the extent of Arun’s disapproval of the plans is shown through words like “despondent,” to show the dispirited disposition of the boy, and “wildly” when describing his formulation of excuses. Furthermore, the relationship between Arun and his host family is presented in this introductory scene, and their eagerness of getting the boy out of the house is shown through Desai’s choice to describe Melanie’s method of getting him involved as staring “challengingly.” This emphasizes her determination to get the exchange student out of the house by using a fairly aggressive term, creating the sense of a showdown for the reader.
Desai continues the description of the standoff with her use of syntax in the next paragraph. The author avoids using quotation marks during dialogue, as shown when Mrs. Patton says, “No, she will not. Absolutely not.” This creates a more intriguing section to read, but also creating a strong sense of insistence. With the

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