Analysis Of Father And Son By Edmund Gosse

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Edmund Gosse (1849 - 1928)
Duration: 250 pages
Genre: Biography

Originally published by Heinemann in 1907, my copy was published by Penguin Books in 1949


'Father and Son' is a chronicle of Edmund Gosse's background, indeed is a clash of two temperaments, notably, written in pain not anger. To be case studied or simply understood that individualism in retrospect is a non-entity - because we all have a responsibility for each other; humanity isn't immune from awful scenarios, only a fool turns away. Edmund Gosse's memoir is a venturous recollection of heart-wrenching realities, duties, loyalties and senseless faith. What eclipses all of that is the glorious detail of poets, popular culture and seismic heroism which is sadly irretrievable.
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This classic, 'Father and Son' was published without a fanfare, written by Edmund Gosse probably for self-character-exploration. 'A study of two temperaments,' although, I suspect too much of a clinical title considering the closeness of the author's blood relation - i.e. the two studies. In turn, I'll respectfully respond fastidiously. I have the added joy that my copy has been well loved, what with the pencil markings highlighting psycho-analytical comprehension and signs that various liquids have gifted my copy oodles of character, there's a sense of holding fragile greatness. To give you a concept of age - one shilling and sixpence is printed in italic in the bottom right corner; (yes, an original copy) - evidently
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