Analysis Of Felipe's Post Test Assessments Show On Reading Performance

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Felipe’s post-test assessments show an increase in reading performance. Test of Word Reading Efficiency Sight Word Efficiency Phonemic Decoding Efficiency Total Word Reading Efficiency Standard Score 104 Standard Score 107 Standard Score 107 Percentile Score 61% Percentile Score 67% Percentile Score 67% Felipe’s Sight Word Efficiency percentile score increased from 58% to 61%, showing an increase of 3%. His Phonemic Decoding Efficiency percentile score increased from 61% to 67%, showing an increase of 6%. His Total Word Reading Efficiency has also increased by 6%. A Sound Beginning Word Level Tapping Words 5/5 Deleting Words 5/5 Total Word Level 10/10 Syllable Level Blending Syllables 5/5 Tapping Syllables 3/5 Deleting Syllables 5/5 Total Syllable Level 13/15 Onset-Rime Level Matching Rhymes 4/5 Blending Onsets and Rimes 5/5 Generating Rhymes 5/5 Total Onset-Rime Level 14/15 Phoneme Level Blending Phonemes 10/10 Segmenting Phonemes 10/0 Total Phoneme Level 20/20 Total Score 57/60 Felipe’s pre-assessment total score was 51 out of 60 correct. His score increased by 6 points to 57 out of 60 correct with an increase in these areas: tapping words, tapping syllables, matching rhymes, and blending onsets and rhymes. Felipe’s score places him at an independent level for phonological processing skills. CORE Phonics Survey Alphabet Skills and Letter Sounds Letter names- uppercase (e.g, A, B, C, D, etc.) 26/26 Letter names- lowercase (e.g, a, b, c, d, etc.) 26/26

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