Analysis Of ' Fences ' By August Wilson

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All people deal with emotions in everyday life and most will have problems controlling their emotions at some point in time. However, when emotions get out of hand people can start having problems in their daily life. In August Wilson 's play Fences, he uses his piece to explain that someone unable to control their actions caused by selfish, hatred, or angry emotions will cause issues in one 's personal life, general decisions, and in family life. Wilson hopes to target people who can 't control their emotions and wishes to prevent the negative effects of uncontrolled actions caused by negative emotion. The inability to control one 's emotions can harm their friends, decision making, and family.
Wilson main reason of writing the play is to show the audience that uncontrolled emotion can be harmful in one 's life. In Wilson 's play, he uses the character Troy, a man who is a married man with a rough history and has anger issues. Troy personal life is heavily influenced by his emotion especially the anger from his past. Troy spends the majority of the play stating that he was unable to play baseball due to his race even though he claims to be better than the majority of players playing at the time. All through the play, Troy told Rose his wife, Cory, and Bano about how if he was white he would be a professional baseball player and how his life would be better (1.1.80-90). The main reason Wilson has Troy behave that way is to show how being angry in the past will hurt one 's
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