Analysis Of Fences By August Wilson

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Fences by August Wilson is a play about African American life during the 1950’s era, it reflects a transitional time where African Americans begin to stand up and fight against racism.
The father son relationship is a centering conflict within the play Fences. Throughout the play we are immersed into this complex connection of Troy and his two sons, Cory and Lyon. Troy struggles to create an identity separate from what is forced on him through an oppressive society. His battle with identity streams into the life of Troy’s youngest son, Cory. In Analyzing the father and son relationships within Fences depicts how one often internalizes the negative effects of oppression, and then passes this way of thinking down through generations. As a child Troy possessed a great ability for baseball but due to racial constraints he was not given the chance to pursue his dream. Troy’s father reinforces racial problems through his role as father, and Troy is only encouraged to pursue “tangible” jobs like his father, since blacks had no real chance in the major leagues at that time. Troy’s father was a sharecropper but his farm was falling into debt. This leaves him feeling hopeless and incapable of providing for his family and fulfilling his role as a male. The economic hardships Troy’s father faces negatively impacts him and we see this through his actions. Soon Troy struggles to recognize his father for the man he once was and he even calls him “the devil himself” (Wilson, 52). There…
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