Analysis Of Fences By August Wilson

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"Fences" takes place around the 1950s. During this time period there was a lot going on throughout the United States, especially for African Americans at the time. During this period and the recent years African Americans had been subject to a lot of racism. Growing up August Wilson had been subject to racial discrimination. The discrimination that he faced and the environment that he was raised in, as well as racism itself and racial barriers at the time directly influenced how he created the characters and wrote the play. August Wilson was born and raised in the Hills district of Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania. Growing up Wilson never saw much of his father and was raised by his mother and stepfather. Wilson had faced a lot of discrimination in school. During his high school years, he had been accused of plagiarism. He written a twenty-page paper and it was so good that the teacher didn’t think it was possible for a person of color to write something of that magnitude so she accused him of copying it. The principal at the school also backed the teachers claim which led to Wilson dropping out of high school and furthering his education on his own. He went on to further his education at his local library. During the time that the story takes place many important events had just occurred or were occurring during that time period. One big event that had occurred a little before the setting of the play is the second World War. Many blacks had come back from the war that they had
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