Analysis Of Film Studios And The Films ' Studios '

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Based on these two successful independent production companies, it proves that indie film studios have competed with major studios using other ways and could survive in the film market. Following the footstep of Lions Gate and Summit Entertainment, more indie studios are using direct-to-video, Internet, VOD releases internationally to reduce costs and meet its insufficient fund for producing films. In addition, although the companies have inadequate budgets, they are now able to produce films owing to lower costs of technology, as the technology develops. In these days, three-dimensional digital technology and many editing software are available to lower budgets. Thus, should filmmakers needs technologies to make a film, they surely would be able to use them with low expenses. In addition, affluent investors heed to invest in filmmaking for high returns despite the existing risks. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, competitions to invest on independent filmmakers had become fierce among Big Banks and billionaires, such as John Paulson and George Soros, looking to enter the space. Bloomberg also notes that, “there’s no shortage of wealthy individuals who lend at low rates in exchange for receiving producing credits on a film.” This shows how indie film productions could have been successful if they had a high quality work. However, these do not mean that indie film production companies have bright future all the time. There has not been clear evidence whether indie film
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