Analysis Of Flannery O ' Connor 's A Good Man Is Hard Essay

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Research Analysis for "A Good Man is Hard to Find"
Flannery O 'Connor 's "A Good Man is Hard to Find" is certainly a surprising work of literature. With this story having a not so happy ending, it goes against all of the conventional ideas on what a typical storybook ending should be. Another unusual thing about "A Good Man is Hard to Find is the use of the term "good." It is thrown around excessively through the entire tale by the grandmother and even the Misfit seems to use this word as well. The interesting concept through the characters using this word is that they seem to be misusing it in a sense. The Grandmother and The misfit seem to classify the word "good" with things that are actually bad. With the terms "good" and "bad" clashing together in one category, it goes against the social norms that society has created, making it a truly unique short story.
The Grandmother in this story uses the term "good" to classify inadequate things. Stephen C. Bandy, writer of "One of My Babies: The Misfit and the Grandmother" states, "Indeed, the opposing categories of "good" and "evil" are very much in the air throughout this story. But like most supposed opposites, they have an alarming tendency to merge." In other words, the terms "good" and "evil" seem to merge together in this story. For instance, the grandmother seems to classify corrupt individuals as people who are good. One example of this would be when she called Red Sammy, the owner of a decrepit barbecue joint a
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