Analysis Of Flight Patterns By Sherman Alexie

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Beliefs and values are the characteristics in humans that help determine how one reacts to their surroundings. In the story, “Flight Patterns” by Sherman Alexie, William, being of Spokane descent and a constant target of discrimination, his beliefs heavily influence his behavior throughout the story. William’s value of family, heritage and his compassion can be seen as influencers in the story. As and the make to me by we are now saved in the touch I can wait.
As William is first being introduced in the story, the author includes that William is married and has a daughter. William would love nothing more than to spend as much time with his family as possible but his job requires that he travels often and he is said to be an “obsessive-compulsive workaholic” (Mays 55). However, during his interaction with his wife, Marie, prior to his departure, he is conflicted between going to the airport and staying in bed with his wife. As she lays in bed, she entices him to stay by make sexual gestures at him and he even begins to engage her. He ultimately decides to proceed his salutations and makes his way to his daughter’s room. Not only does William loves his family, he thinks lovely things of them. For example, he thinks that his daughter is perhaps the “most logical person on the planet” (Mays 57). If William did not have a strong sense of family, he would have simply left Marie and Grace, his daughter without saying goodbye, but he made sure that they knew he was leaving and he

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