Analysis Of Florence Kelley Speech

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Change has become an incremental aspect when it comes to reaching a success in our society. This can be seen in several different aspects within our society. It is seen within our economy, traditional and nontraditional values, and especially within our government. However, in order for us to reach any form of higher success we must be willing to change. In Florence Kelley's Speech, she expresses her firm and unchanging view of the violation of children's rights in child labor in order to make a change through the use of modes of discourse intertwined with sophisticated uses of diction, imagery, and other uses of appeals to tie into her audience and further encompass her purpose. Throughout her speech, Kelley tactfully connects with her audience through her use and transitions of the modes of discourse. The combination of the modes allows for her to let the audience feel the exigence of the speech in various fashions. Kelley initiates her first implementation of the modes of discourse in the very beginning of her speech, in order to develop the audience’s understanding of the dire situation. This is done through the mode of discourse exposition. It is clearly evident when she states, “We have in this country, two million children under the age of sixteen years who are earning their bread. They vary in age from six and seven years… ” (Kelley paragraph 1). The use of simple exposition of the situation not only allows for her to establish logos in her writing but also a fed up and almost angry tone that she makes clear to the audience. That tone leads to more everyday speaking that makes her speech more relatable to the audience. All of the rhetorical aspects that are encompassed in the single example of exposition, leads to a momentous effect on the audience’s viewing of child labor, because in most cases the audience will tend to remember the first and last impact of a speech. Kelley does not stay in that mode for too long, in fact she continues to make shifts between various forms of discourse to perform a different purpose. The next mode that she uses is that of narration. This particular mode is extremely effective in this speech to pull at the heartstrings of her audience. Which is clearly evident in
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