Analysis Of Floyd 's ' The Blanket '

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Floyd Dell’s “The Blanket” is a story about family and relationships; it is about Petey’s family. Petey is a grandson who loves his grandfather dearly. He tries to behave like an adult and saves his grandfather from a lonely life in an old folk’s home. The relationship between Petey and his dad got strained because his dad was sending his grandfather away in order to marry a women that Petey did not like.
The events in the story are presented by the author in chronological order. The author introduces the main characters and the setting of the story at the beginning. The story takes place on a fine September night, under a silver moon outside on the porch of Petey’s home. “I’ll get my fiddle,” said the grandfather to his grandson Petey, “and play ye some of the old tunes.” Instead the grandfather brings a big, expensive, double blanket, that is red with black cross stripes which is a going away present from his son, Petey’s dad. Petey’s feelings are stirred because he knows that it is the last night he will be spending with his grandfather as he will be sent away in the morning. He sadly realized this when he saw the blanket. He wanted to cry but at the age of eleven, he felt that he was too old to do so. The grandfather played many old songs on his fiddle that reflect the joys and sorrows the family have experienced together. This shows the reader that the grandfather experiences a deep internal conflict. He probably experiences sadness and a little regret because he
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