Analysis Of Ford 's New Strategy

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Over the past decade, Ford was struggling from strategic challenges in order to gain market share against its competitors or even keep its competitive standing; as a result, Ford have liquidated its luxury car brand in order to fund its new line up which is a part of its new strategy. This new strategy calls One Ford which aims to reduce Ford lineup numbers. In other words, it means producing one car platform to be sold worldwide rather than producing a particular car platform for each marketplace which in turn will reduce Ford factories numbers. Implementing this new strategy, Ford is going to shut down its factories in many countries like Australia. In terms of implementation the new strategy of Ford in Australia, this paper aims to provide a competitive analysis study among Ford competitors focusing on Australian automotive market by identifying Ford’s major competitors, their objectives and strategies, strengths and weaknesses, market share and size; beside, it highlights the new trends of Australian automotive market to examine the effect on competition during the next few years. Australian automotive market has great competition among the highest worldwide selling car brands such as Ford, Holden, Mazda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Honda. In fact, this competition is more likely to reach the peak during the next decade. Actually, there are two main things which may affect the competition in Australian automotive market. Firstly, Australian automotive market
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