Analysis Of Ford 's Value Chain Essay

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Value chain analysis Ford understands its value chain and regularly monitors and analyzes it as part of its “materiality analysis” (, 2014, October 5). The value chain provides for Ford a road map for the identification of key impacts, stakeholders, stages of importance, and the value created which have a multinational effect impacting social, economic, and environmental factors (, 2014, October 5). First is the Ford product planning and design stage of the value chain, which identifies key issues and impacts such as environmental regulatory factors, strategy, and sustainability (, 2014, October 5). Listed below are the Ford identified key issues and impacts found in Ford’s corporate web page, • Greenhouse gas (GHG)/fuel economy and other environmental regulations • Low-carbon strategy • Energy use/oil consumption and GHG emissions • Electrification strategy • Environmental management • Water strategy • Sustainability vision, governance and management • Land and nature • Waste generation and management • Tailpipe emissions • End-of-life management • Sustainable mobility • Sustainable materials • Emerging market products and services strategy • Alignment of production with demand • Product competitiveness • Brand reputation/value • Quality • Risk and cost management • Vehicle safety Ford’s identified key stakeholders are its employees, suppliers, itself, and the communities its operates in
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