Analysis Of `` Forgiving My Father And `` A Rose For Emily ``

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Lucille Clifton’s and William Faulkner’s characters in “Forgiving my Father” and “A Rose for Emily” demonstrate sections of the authors personal lives and their past experiences, and the works give insight into the styles along with the flow that the authors use when they write pieces like these. The authors characters in the stories are also similarly written, being that some of the problems that they face in the stories. The way that Clifton and Faulkner write pieces like these can often leave them open to interpretation to the people that read them. Clifton and Faulkner are also known for writing from personal standpoints whenever they write a poem or other form of literature, this helps them connect with readers on personal levels which are why they are well known. Even though the authors have similarities they also have differences in some of the topics that they write about, these two works are key to showing that they can be similar at the time. When Faulkner writes a story he usually uses his past environments as the setting, but changes the names of the places and people in which these events occur. Faulkner is also known for using people in his family as characters for some stories, but changing their names. In the F section of Twentieth Century American literature, there is a brief summary of Faulkner’s life that informs him about parts of his childhood and leads into his adulthood, but also tells us that in his later years his stories can be related back to

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