Analysis Of Frank And Alice 's Views On Politics

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Malik presented Frank and Alice who consider themselves to be Republican/ conservative. Frank is a registered republican who wishes other knew that republicans are a group that have been stereotyped to be a bunch of racist ignorant people. Feels pretty much unsafe to speak about politics in public because of the way he may be judged. Media often makes the portrayal of certain political parties which influence and make others bias instead of actually doing their research and choosing which party they connect with the most is a change he would like to see. Alice identifies as a conservative that wishes others would know that not all republicans fit the bias of the same portrayal Frank expresses. Unlike Frank, Alice does speak about politics but often gets into heated arguments because of her beliefs and political views. A change to see is to have conservatism taken more seriously instead of making it a joke in the media. Biased or not, voters should take to the books learn our history and be more aware of the candidates who wish to run our country.
José, interviewed Cesar and Mikel both consider themselves Republican. Some of the things they wish others would know about republicans is that family and religions are important and most of them educate themselves on political issues. Changes to see are the government not being in control of the decisions that affect us. Cesar wants to see the government help American companies to stay and find opportunities for the American
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