Analysis Of Frank Graham 's On Racial Profiling

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While Mr. Graham 's response to racial profiling is understandable, his choice to assimilate validates fears about black people in public places. Graham’s article coupled with the real-life experiences of African Americans as well as articles written about the African American experience in white society all show the futility of African American’s attempts to assimilate into white society. Graham’s actions show that he seems to agree with the popular idea that African Americans are dangerous. Graham’s actions are inappropriate because they validate the fear of black people in public spaces. African Americans are literally demonized by the police, demonstrated when Darren Wilson described Mike Brown as a “superhuman demon,” and Graham promotes this view of African Americans by making sure his children do not do normal acts like run down the street even though they’re not exercising, carrying a backpack into a store, and even wearing a t-shirt. By creating these rules, Graham confirms that, when a dark-skinned person of color is not doing these things, they will be in trouble. When Graham states that “the economic privilege [he] bestowed on [his kids]” would prevent them from being targeted, it shows that he believes that African Americans who are not bestowed with economic privilege should be targeted. Graham’s writes that “the accoutrements of success” include preppy clothes and “an air of quiet graciousness.” This is damaging to black people because it goes directly

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