Analysis Of Franklin E. Frazier 's ' The Negro Family '

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Franklin E. Frazier, who was he and how did he contribute to the way society views the African Americans? We will answer this question by looking closely at a particular book while interjecting a few more here books and there. Admiring W.E. B. Du Bois order of the coming together and the breaking apart of the African American, Frazier began his own works and studies about what African Americans faced. In 1932 Frazier published 2 books, The Negro Family in Chicago (Frazier, 1932) and The Free Negro Family (Frazier,1993). Later he published a greater work The Negro Family in the United States (1939). That book however became a great debate over certain topics that were touched on. Frazier wanted the blacks to come together and hopefully assimilate into the American mainstream. He also worried that the blacks could not adapt to the need of the government as the whites do. Later on this lead him to concentrate on having a full family with both household showing the child how to deal with adversity. Frazier later published a book Black Bourgeoisie (Frazier, 1953) telling the black leaders to improve your black brethren and lift them up. At times the black community will blame the white man for keeping them down when in all reality it was either each other or themselves. Frazier was afraid of this and decided to write this book to reach out to the black communities and their leaders. Frazier relates to how slavery was considered good and justified to be right
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