Analysis Of Franklin Equipment Ltd.

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Franklin Equipment Ltd. (FEL) was established 75 years ago in Maritime Provinces, having headquarters in Saint John, producing large machines for construction business. FEL’s main focus is on manufacturing of rock-crushing equipment for construction of Dam and highway construction. At present, FEL designs, produces and assembles both stationary and portable rock-crushing plants. In 1970, FEL started to expand its market throughout Canada. In addition to that, recently FEL planning to market products in the international market. Last month, FEL signed contract to design and produce rock-crushing plant for Middle East construction project, known as project Abu Dhabi. Following are the various managers appointed by FEL in Project Abu Dhabi: - NAME TITLE Charles Gatenby Project Manager Bill Rankins Design Engineer Rob Perry Operations Manager Elaine Bruder Finance and Cost Accounting Manager Sam Stonebreaker Human Resource Manager Carl Jobe Internal Consultant In Project Abu Dhabi the major situation faced by FEL is lack of cooperation and motivation and conflicts among the team members. PROBLEM RECOGNITION: - While assigning people to the project, FEL failed to acknowledge that effective team which works as a unit in collaboration. In FEL, internal consultant found that there are two major problems among their managers who are expected to work together on the Project Abu Dhabi: - • Lack of motivation: - Individuals involved in the project
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