Analysis Of Franz Kafka 's ' Just Like Gregor Samsa '

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Jaime Florez Christine Warrington Global Lierature II 3 November 2014 Analytical Assessment Essay Just like Gregor Samsa, the protagonist from Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka had an incredibly similar life. Kafka was born on July 3, 1883 in Bohemia, now known as Prague in Czech Republic. He was raised in a middle class Jewish family; however, due to the fact that Jews were seen as an uneducated and inferior race his father taught them (Kafka and his two sisters) German. Just like Mr. Samsa (Gregor’s father), Kafka’s father also owned a business which he wanted Kafka to take over; nonetheless, Kafka refused and decided to become a lawyer but later obtained a job with an insurance company (which would require him to travel a lot). Throughout his life Kafka was shaped by several elements, such as his complicated relationship with his father and his life as a Jew, which would motivate him to write such vivid stories where he was able to successfully create meaningful literatures that portrayed and identified several issues that were occurring in society and his life. Even though Franz Kafka wrote Metamorphosis in 1912, it took him three years to finally publicize this magnificent piece of work. This story is basically about a salesman whom one day wakes up as a bug, as a result several dynamics and issues take place. Many scholars agree to the fact that this story highly mirrors his own personal life, however, many of them also agree to disagree on the morals and themes that take

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