Analysis Of Fred Schepis 's A Cry

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Fred Schepis 's A Cry in the Dark 1988 is a movie based on the courtroom drama with taglines around A family torn apart, a crowd full of rage and a woman accused of murder. It is a movie that runs for 120 minutes (feature length film). The movie DVD comes with a widescreen anamorphic transfer that helps in the conservation of the original acting aspect ratio of 1.85:1. The soundtracks are in English and French and are in the form of Dolby Digital Surround technology. It also has accessible Subtitles that are in both languages. The movie has its supplemental materials i.e. the theatrical trailer. The quality of the picture and sound, accompanied by the splendid performance by Streep at the heart of the film, makes this movie worth looking at, especially considering the inexpensive list price. This paper focuses on the analysis of this movie, attempting to bring to the light a brief synopsis of the movie, the main theme and how it relates to the people in the society and also how the lives of the characters influence individuals today.
This title of the movie was selected carefully by the film writers John Bryson (novel) and Robert Caswell (screenplay). All through the movie we see a silently suffering family whose misery is a source of the story for others. The movie is directed by Fred Schepisi is known for his role in the commercial film industry for over 20 years. His lead role is a director and also a co-writer of this movie. The movie’s cinematographer…
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