Analysis Of Frederick Douglass: The Goal Of Feminism

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In 1888 freed slave and activist, Frederick Douglass spoke at the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the New England Woman Suffrage Association. Delivered 130 years ago today, Douglass’ speech still applies in 2018. Although there have been some major victories in the feminist movement, such as the right to vote, the ability to have access to higher education, and more job opportunities for women, we do not live in a pro-feminist society. The feminist struggle for equality continues and faces many challenges that require the help and support of pro feminist men.
The goal of feminism is to achieve equal rights among gender regardless of political, economic, or social status. And yet this can be a difficult goal in a patriarchal society where in most cases males dominate due to the fact that power and authority are in the hands of adult men. (Lee and Shaw 5) Douglass acknowledged that equal rights for women was one in which men and women were interdependent for its success …show more content…

Douglass' experience educated him to the fact that the oppressed must be in charge of their own struggles and those in ower should assist them, not take over and lead. As bell hooks stated, “…Whether it was white women working on behalf of socialism, black liberation, or Native American women working for indigenous rights, it was clear that men wanted to lead, and they wanted women to follow.” (hooks 34) The joint fights for equality intersected. According to Bonnie Thornton Bill “Intersectionality is a tool for social justice. Its focus is to transform knowledge by fully incorporating the ideas, experiences and critical perspectives of previously excluded groups.” (Bill 27) Frederick Douglass’ experiences made his speech more than just words from a sympathetic male. He also lived with the same struggles for

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