Analysis Of Frederick Douglass 's ' Learning On Read And Write '

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In Frederick Douglass 's essay, "Learning to Read and Write", he describes the various methods with which he became literate throughout the age of slavery. The essay is made with well-executed and potent literary tools that serve to each relay the struggle he endured in learning to browse and write, additionally on more prove Douglass 's distinguished accomplishments and talent against apparently insurmountable odds. It 's an awfully personal recount of a heavy time in his life, however it additionally properly depicts Frederick Douglass as a capable author with deeply coherent thoughts. Through the utilization of irony, distinctive syntax, wordy diction, and intelligent metaphors, Frederick Douglass exhibits his ability to eloquently categorical himself and his personal strife. Irony is present during this essay as Frederick Douglass describes his previous teaching things. as an example, though he was bond at the time of his teaching, he explains to the reader that he carried loaves of bread once sent on errands so he might barter for Associate in Nursing impromptu reading lesson from native kids. He admits "I was far better off during this regard than several of the poor white kids in our neighborhood" (Douglass 101). This statement is ironic as a result of Frederick Douglass himself would presumptively be within the worse position, however instead, whilst a 12-year-old acknowledges what very little benefits he will have. Character traits like these are indicative of
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